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About Viadrene Plus™ Herbal Viagra Alternative

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NutraFormulations Inc. is dedicated to a healthier world by offering safe and effective herbal alternatives such as ViaDrene Plus ™ a natural Viagra alternative.

More and more health practitioners are embracing the positive benefits of herbs in the healing process, and the trend is growing!

Balanced Living

There are more health options available to people today than anytime in history. And more people are taking responsibility for their health than ever before. At Nutra Formulations we take this responsibility seriously, offering complimentary and alternative solutions that are 100% safe and natural for a progressive, balanced life.

Top Quality Ingredients

We only use the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients found around the globe. Every one of our formulations is put through a strenuous 10-point test for quality. Each batch is coded and a chain of custody registered for the highest level of safety possible.

Our Vision

NutraFormulations is committed to bringing to market the highest quality, high demand products for today's consumer interested in alternative and complementary medicine. Nowhere else will you find a stronger commitment to research and ingredient integrity.

That's our promise to you.

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Just the Facts
  • The bottom line is that ViaDrene Plus ™ helps allow up to 5 times the normal blood flow to your penis, when and where you need it!
  • ViaDrene Plus ™ allows the muscles to relax and maximize the amount of blood to the penis. You not only achieve full erection, but it makes it much fuller and stiffer!
  • Your body is an electrical system. ViaDrene Plus ™ helps your body strengthen the good "connections" along your entire nervous system.
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